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Whitewater Rafting

White-water rafting can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. River rafters see breathtaking scenery, get great exercise, and experience terrific adventure. There are great places all over the world offering you great white water rafting experience through out the year. The sport of white water river rafting calls for a triumph over the swift swirling river as it gushes past spectacular mountains. It is practiced mainly in the upper reaches where the water is wild and white as it froths and foams, crashing against narrow gorges, rocky outcrops and falls at deep gradients.

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White water river rafting is a challenging and fun sports basically rated based on their level of difficulty. Water speed, currents, the amount of rocks, and other factors influence the river's rating. Nowadays all rivers are assigned different classes based on their level of difficulties, water speed, and current. The easiest rivers to navigate are Class I; Class VI rivers are considered impossible to run. As equipment has become more advanced, extremely skilled rafters have begun navigating them safely nowadays.

Earlier white water rafts were the simplest way of mans transportation made of some wooden logs, planks or reeds but nowadays as rafting has got recognition as an adventures sport now the raft is inflatable boat consisting of very durable, multi-layered rubberized or vinyl fabrics with several independent air chambers making the sports much more exiciting for the rafters.

White water river rafting has been a sport for many decades and planning a white water river rafting vacation is perfect for peoples who love challenges and being in the great outdoors.