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Rafting in Brazil

Rafting is an ideal activity for a wilderness adventure, since it is a rewarding way of traveling and gaining a unique perspective on a region, sometimes even the only way to reach the spectacular, untouched places we want to explore. Rafting down a remote river through whitewater canyons, while enjoying the amazing surroundings and wildlife, gives you the real spirit of adventure, challenge and teamwork.

There are many places in Brazil providing good rafting environment and facilities, some of the most famous rafting destinations in Brazil are Jalapao, Sao Paulo, Blumenau & Florianopolis, Foz do Iguacu, Bariloche (Argentina), Cusco (Peru), and Chile. Apart from this White water rafting is mostly practiced in Juquetiba (SP), Tres Rios (RJ), and Tres Coroas (RS), but many places in Brazil are ideal for rafting with rivers in untouched difficult-access rivers, adding to the sense of adventure.

Brazil offers you an unimaginable rafting experience with many other amenities which will make your vacation exciting and memorable. Fishing in pristine waters for lunch, rounding a bend in the river to find your camp already set up, the chef preparing dinner, and your guides greeting you with drinks adds even more enjoyment to your adventure.

Under the guidance of your experienced guides, you don't need any prior experience in rafting. Before you dip a paddle in the water, the guides will conduct a thorough familiarization briefing and instruct you in safety precautions. There are many good private and government agencies which provide you with good holiday’s packages and ideal rafting experience.