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River Rafting

The challenge of the turbulent rivers is no less than that of the rugged mountains. Fed by innumerable streams the river races along tortuous boulder strewn beds, cutting deep gorges and breaking into silvery white rapids, this is what we called the excitation of river rafting. The magic behind River Rafting is the extreme and never-ending thrills in the untamed rivers.The river cutting against the rocky banks, crashing into rocks, crevices and breaking into white water rapids, foaming, swirling, and falling in a thunderous din adding much for thrill to the adventure of the rafters.

As with trekking, mountaineering and other sports, river rafting too has been classified and graded in terms of degrees of difficulty. There is, firstly, the pleasure of a gentle canoe trip in a lightweight alloy-metal craft which holds two to three people. The gradient best suited for canoeing is the stage near the river's entry into the plains where the trip can be combined with moderate hiking and a naturalist holiday in the forest. The degree of difficulty would depend on the river gradient and its rapids. A river rafting ride is an amusement ride that simulates whitewater rafting. Many modern river rapids rides feature a much narrower river channel as well as smaller boats. Some are heavily themed while others may present a natural setting for added realism.

The river rafting usually starts with relatively calm waters which continues for a safe distance making the rafters aware of whats going to come next, after travelling some distance in calm waters the raft now enters more turbulant water where the real trill begins of the river rafting, the rafters sometimes choose bigger challenges such as waterfall, much more turbulent river to add excitation to their adventure. After a healty ride in turbulant river the ride ends up in calm water again to realx the muscles.