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Rafting Pirineos

Pirineos in the Pyrenees a stunning place to vacation with striking views and exploration opportunities that is nothing short of an adventure packed full of activities, a wonderful place to escape and enjoy white water rafting. Pirineos is known for rafting and kayaking world wide in the frosty caped Galation river. Rafting in Pirineos offers a fully guided encounter of thrill as you work hard to stay afloat. You can expect join with four to six other rafters and a pilot who will instruct you on how to navigate your body and ors before you descend into the river in an inflatable raft.

Your pilot will also monitor the group so that you experience the safest Rafting while in pirineos, you will also be wearing essential safety gear which is provided. Rafting in pirineos consists of three levels. Whether you’re a proficient rafter or a novice everyone can enjoy. Level one is suited for families with children. Level two is for people ages of fourteen to the adult novice looking to experience rafting in Pirineos. Level three is for the practiced more experienced rafter. Rafting is an exciting and stimulating sport to say the least, but when surrounded by mind tingling scenery and especially kind locals and snug and cozy amenities will make your white water rafting a splendid pleasure while vacationing in Pirineos.

Along with rafting in Pirineos you can add numerous other exciting activities to your agenda such as kayaking, hydrospeeding, canoeing,hot dogging and numerous other outdoor sports which is what makes pirineos the perfect tourist spot.