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Rafting in Europe

Rafting is the classic outdoor adventure, because paddling down a river is always a thrill. From white-water to easy rivers, Europe has everything to offer and you can be sure that you will also have lots of fun even in bad weather conditions. Whitewater rafting in Europe offers an array of experiences catering to all, from an easy float fishing trip to the thrilling rush, crashing through class V rapids!

One of the most important places in Europe for an ideal rafting vacation is Alpin providing you the perfect combination of safety, fun and adrenaline for a huge variety of adventure sports. Rafting being the most important among them, where you can enjoy and experience the thrills of some of the most exciting and spectacular rivers, right in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Nowadays Scotland has also taken its place as the new Mecca for white water rafting and extreme sports enthusiasts. The Tummel is dam-release, which is one of the most important rafting centers in Scotland guaranteeing water levels every weekend from June to September. It is a narrow, technical and exciting river, offering almost continuous rapids to Grade IV, culminating in the descent of a double-drop waterfall!

Other than these there are lot many other rivers in Europe which can provide you with great rafting experience but there are many rivers in Europe which changes with the time of year! Rivers that are fed by mountain snow-thaws may not offer much of a ride by late summer; also, conditions vary year to year depending on the winter's snowfall so planning your trip should be made in a proper way so you can completely enjoy your rafting experience.