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Rafting in Ontario Canada

Standing on the shore one can hear the deafening roar, see the white foam, the holes, the walls, and the waves, but the power of this river is unimaginable to anyone in this world. The seemingly endless wilderness and diverse landscape in Ontario allow for plenty of outdoor activities including river rafting. Ontario whitewater rafting trips on the Ottawa River feature roller-coaster-like Class IV rapids, and cascading waterfalls.

The rivers in Ontario are real wild but the real excitement builds when you get in your rafts and paddle off in the calm water. Your raft is being pulled down river and it seems almost impossible to stay in one spot. The river is daring you, to try a ride. Sliding out into the froth your senses are heightened and your nerves are on edge. Your raft no longer feels as safe as it looked on shore. The river is now in control, it tosses your raft left, right, up and down. The adventure and excitement provided by Ontarioís rivers are breath taking making you feel the true power of Mother Nature.

Apart from this wildlife abounds along the Ottawa River including fascinating creatures such as elk, Bald Eagles, and bears. Located in Foresterís fall, Ontario, the Ottawa River is just 75 miles from Ottawa City, the nationís capital, and within five hours of major metropolitan areas including Montreal, Toronto, and Syracuse, NY. Although Ontario whitewater rafting adventures are driving distance from urban centers, the Ottawa River offers a true wilderness experience.