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Rafting Barrancos aventura

White water rafting is one of the most extreme water travel sports that vacationers love to encounter while on vacation in Barrancos. The thrilling plunge of the rapids as your inflated rubber raft collides and bounces with as your travel down the white tipped waves of the rivers in Barrancos.

Before you being your journey into the water you will be joined by your rafting group which usually consists of four to six people including your rafting guide who is experienced and highly qualified to pilot your white water rafting journey in Barrancos. Your guide will teach you how to hold and move your body and ors to navigate as you and your peers work hard to stay afloat as you steer the rivers in Barrancos. You will also be instructed and given safety equipment which often includes a wet suit, head safety gear, and a life jacket. There are three levels of rafting which include level one for the non experienced rafters and those who are rafting in Barrancos with their children, Level two is for rafters over the age of fourteen, and adults without a lot of experience.

Level three is for those who are experienced at the art of water travel. No matter what your level of expertise is white water rafting in Barrancos will be well worth experiencing. Barranco offers a plethora of amenities and activities which will surely wet the appetite of any tourist on vacation. Along with white water rafting in Barrancos you can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, hot dogging, hydro speeding, and many other outdoor specialties.