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Rafting adventure Aragon

Planning a trip in the Pyrenees of Spain is rewarding and easily done especially if you're planning to go white water rafting in Aragon river.

Aragon provides a solid basis for a well balanced vacation that any tourist is sure to love even if your interests include more than white water rafting. The many activities you might consider including in your calendar can include kayaking, hydro speeding, bungee jumping, canoeing, and hot dogging.

Your white water rafting experience in Aragon will not be one soon forgotten. Rafting in Aragon will be an exhilarating adventure that will start by joining four to six others along with an experience white water rafting pilot who will explain important safety rules and how you should move your body and ors to navigate your inflatable raft as you and the others in your group exercise the art of white water travel. There are different skill levels to choose from such as level one is more geared for beginners and families vacationing together with children. Level two is for rafters aged fourteen and over, and level three is for experienced rafters who love to taste the thrill of rafting in Aragon. You will also be provided with the appropriate safety equipment such as a head safety device, life jacket, and wet suit. In Aragon there are many wonderful rivers to choose from such as Gallego, Eresa, and Cinca anyone of these rivers or all offers excellent rafting conditions such as fast rapids, and variable descents. Aside from white water rafting in Aragon your stay will be a comfortable and relaxing delight with all the amenities to choose from.