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Grand Canyon Rafting

Grand Canyon River Rafting is America's foremost river adventure offering you an outdoors unlimited river trip on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Other than great rafting experience the trip also offers a phenomenal variety of vistas, camps, waterfalls, rapids, side canyons, archaeological ruins, and other attraction sites to enjoy and explore.

One of the most important thing one should keep in mind before going to Great canyon is that all rafting on the Colorado requires a permit, planning and reserving your trip requires reservations well in advance, with a good rafting agency. Since the river schedule spans a six month period of time there are many seasonal choices available for a person who is planning a trip to great canyon. A trip in April can find the bottom of the canyon alive with color during the annual spring blooming of desert flowers. Both April and September offer cooler temperatures and a more leisurely pace with slightly longer trips. September often features the best weather of the year and is probably the best for rafting.

The Colorado River rafting is an 11 mile float trip starting at the base of Hoover Dam. The raft guide is a very important person who will take you down a "rapid free" which is the most important part of the Colorado River through Black Canyon explaining you the history of that area. While rafting in the Colorado River one can enjoy the true colors of nature plus Big Horn Sheep grazing, Rainbow Trout rising to catch a fly, bubbling hot springs cascading down to the river and Indian petroglyphs and many more such eye catching scenic beauty of the nature.